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Sliding into a bathtub after a long day is one of life’s little luxuries, but there’s nothing quite like the restorative buzz garnered by a dip in a proper thermal pool. From Iceland’s idyllic Blue Lagoon to Switzerland’s most chic spa, here’s a rundown of some of Europe’s best hot springs

  YThe "Roman Thermal Spas of Europe" is the first initiative that brings together thermal spas and health resorts of Roman origin all across Europe. Based at the intersection of spa and culture tourism we offer a unique combination of wellness and history!

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As traditional fuels like oil & natural gas move towards extinction, renewable energy sources have gained much importance. Often, the most overlooked and underestimated aspect of renewable energy generation is the task of storing the energy produced. Commonly Thermal energy storage systems are used to provide cooling capacity to commercial buildings, by producing chilled water during low demand hours and then using it during high demand hours. Recently, newer developments like seasonal thermal storage and molten salt thermal storage have allowed for the storage of energy during summer and day and for use during winters and nights respectively

  Thermal energy storage is cleaner, safer and user friendly. It also supports legislative efforts to meet renewable generation targets. But the system needs exceptional customer support and worry free system. And for utility purposes, improving load factor by helping more buildings reduce their peak demand is the main purpose of using thermal energy storage systems